Our Guests

The interview series that brings the world's leading cyber and software security experts to your living room.

Sven Schran

Sven Schran is the Program Manager, Security Engineering at Robert Bosch.

Simon Cole

Simon Cole is the Global Security Architecture & Engineering Director at dentsu

John Heldreth

John Heldreth is the founder of the automotive security organization, ASRG.

Tanvi Bali

Tanvi Bali is a security expert and DevSecOps specialist.

Julie Tsai

Julie Tsai is the Head of Information Security at Roblox.

Brian Levine

Brian Levine leads product security and cloud security at Axway.

Larry Maccherone

Larry Maccherone is a distinguished engineer and DevSecOps transformation lead at Comcast.

Bankim Tejani

Bankim Tejani is the Chief Security Architect and Distinguished Engineer at the Charles Schwab Corporation.

Brad Senetza

Brad Senetza is a Security Assurance Architect at Oracle.

Mike Shema

Mike Shema is Product Security at Square.

Leif Dreizler

Leif Dreizler is a Product Security Manager at Segment. 

Astha Singhal

Astha Singhal is Director of AppSec at Netflix

John Melton

John Melton is Director of Product Security at NetSuite.

Florence Mottay

Florence Mottay is a security expert and Global CISO at Ahold Delhaize.

Tanya Janca

Tanya Janca is a security rockstar and founder of We Hack Purple.

Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois is affectionately known as the "Godfather of DevOps", and is the creator of the popular DevOpsDays global conference.

Rami Sass

Rami Sass is Co-Founder and CEO of WhiteSource.

John Stewart

John Stewart is the former Senior Vice President, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cisco.

Guy Podjarny

Guy Podjarny is Co-Founder and President of Snyk Security. 

Clint Gibler

Clint Gibler is a security consultant, and owner of the TL;DR Sec blog.

Steve Lipner

Steve Lipner is a software security expert, and founder of SAFEcode.org.

Fredrick "Flee" Lee

Fredrick "Flee" Lee is a long-time cybersecurity expert and Chief Security Officer at Gusto.

Aaron Bedra

Aaron Bedra is cybersecurity and compliance expert.

Dr. Brian Chess

Dr. Brian Chess is a cybersecurity expert and former Chief Scientist at Fortify Software.

Dr. Chenxi Wang

Dr. Chenxi Wang is a cybersecurity expert and founder of Rain Capital.

Dr. Gary McGraw

Dr. Gary McGraw is one of the godfathers of software security and founder of the Berryville Institute of Machine Learning.

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